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Stefy Christian


"15 Desember adalah tanggal yang spesial dimana aku dilahirkan di dunia ini :) Suka yang namanya tendang menendang bola dan passionate sama semua yang berkaitan dengan leadership, change management dan family business. "

twitter : @stefy777


Station Manager DM Radio

"Happiness is not about the goal but it's about the journey"




Titus Allan

Program Director


Rony Wijaya


"Lahir 14 Mei... Ga suka duren dan strawberry..  Twitter : @rony_1487

Music Director semua program




A caffeine-dependent life form, full-time artist, and traveller by heart. Easily found at museums, art galleries, or the nearest coffee-shop watching Ellen DeGeneres monologue on Youtube. Would love to be Neil Hilborn in another life. Hidden power including the ability to quote Taylor Swift better than you and your friends.

Instagram : oddlysteffi



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